Life under lockdown in Mexico

Mexico: Tijuana
July 2020

Noah sent this update on his life in Mexico during the Coronavirus pandemic in June 2020.

Before lockdown, I was just about to start my last semester of high school. I was honestly struggling with my health at the time, and it put me in a very low place in terms of my mental health, and even more physically. I felt unmotivated and overwhelmed, but I was trying my best to finish high school strong.  

I was close to going to the hospital, but the cancellation of classes at school allowed me to recover at home. My teachers were very understanding about my condition which I appreciated, so they didn’t pressure me too much on turning in assignments. The downside of learning from a distance is that you don’t really retain as much information, since everything can be googled and distractions are plenty.

 I don’t have many friends here in Mexico, but I do stay in contact with my friends from where I used to live, which was California.  I’ve stayed in contact with them through messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger and Discord, and I even play video games with some to have fun and laugh with them. Speaking with friends always makes me feel better, and helps me slow down when everything feels like it’s moving too fast.

The lockdown has definitely changed family life and our daily habits. It’s a big difference with our daily routines since my sister and I had to get accustomed to online schooling, and finding an adequate place in our house to sit down for hours at a time and be in video calls with our class. My dad has also had to adapt, since he’s working from home now, so our space has become very limited. My dad often jokes that we’ve become a closer family, in terms of space and in our bonding. 

This garden in front of our house is very well cared for by my grandma, and it shows by how beautiful it is. We have our own lemon and chili trees, and a little shaded sitting area in the corner that is perfect for relieving stress, even if it’s for a short while.  

The garden on the side of our house has an outhouse, as well as a floating rocker for sitting. It’s very nice for spending long periods of time outside. I find that when I get too stressed from being inside constantly, going outside into the side garden and just breathing, helps me. 

This big birdhouse is next to our house, by the garden. Every morning we hear the chirps of the birds, and personally it makes me feel calm and happy. It would be very quiet without them every morning. 

This is my computer, which I spend a lot of time on. I built it myself, by buying the individual components and putting it all together. The actual PC is on the floor next to my chair, since there wouldn’t be any space on our dining room table. I really love technology, so building a computer instead of buying one was the only choice in my mind. I use it for doing homework, playing video games, watching movies, or editing videos. I understand that I am very lucky to own such a thing, therefore it’s one of my most prized possessions. As many people around the world have moved to online classes because of the epidemic, I too have transferred, and have found great use out of my computer.    

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has become a common household station for many people because of Coronavirus. We have our own station at the entrance of our house, where we keep sanitizing wipes, bleach, and alcohol.

Hanging above on the entrance is where we keep our masks and face shields. I have a weakened immune system due to an autoimmune disease, so I have to be very careful when I go out (only if it’s absolutely necessary), because I could get myself or my grandma very sick.

The effects of the pandemic have been shown to everyone in the world, with people losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills, and unfortunately dying. I’ve taken this time to try to better my health, as a way of trying to find the best out of this situation. I hope that in the short term, people can adapt to this new way of living because realistically, coronavirus isn’t going away soon. Many people aren’t worried since they’re young and healthy, but I believe that is a selfish way of thinking; stopping the spread and lowering the infection rates should be the main goal, even if it doesn’t greatly benefit you. I hope the people in need can get assistance with food and supplies, as jobs have taken a big hit.  In the long term, I hope everything gradually goes back to normal. I hope the world learns from the mistakes that have been made, and enforces stronger regulations to stop pandemics before they become too widespread. I believe that everyone deserves healthcare, especially in a time like this, and that when/if the vaccine for this virus comes out, that everyone is able to afford it, or better yet: I hope that it is free.

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