Moving and Remembering, by Noah

Mexico: Tijuana
April 2017

Noah is 15 years old and moved back to Tijuana, Mexico last year after his father’s work visa was not renewed. Here he shows pictures of both his old and new life.

This is what it was like when I first went to my new school in Mexico. There was an assembly and I did not have a clue what was happening. I did not know anyone and did not know what to do.  I was totally bewildered. But another boy helped, he told me what was going on and we are friends now. It’s much better now, I get along with everyone, I enjoy it.

The School Yard, by Noah

School in the US is a lot more strict, but I think it’s a better education because the teachers are more responsible. When I knew I was coming to school in Mexico I was  afraid, because people would say in Mexico they are all ‘Cholos’. So it was a big relief to discover that people are pretty much the same. I have some very good friends here.

This was a picture I took when I went on an end of the year trip to Disneyland with my school for 8th grade (or middle school) graduation. I had a great time there with my friends and I hope to go back.

Disneyland by Noah

I took this picture the first time I went to go visit my friends, and we went to a football game. I loved this day because I got to enjoy my time there with my friends and I felt at home again with them. This was also the school I was going to go to, so it also felt sad to be there.

The football field, by Noah

My friend took this picture when I visited, and it means something to me because before I moved we would always long-board around the city having a fun time.

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