This website is for any migrant child from any part of the world who has a story to tell. The stories can be told in any form: words, pictures, photographs, video. They can be about any topic of importance to the child.

We deliberately use the term MIGRANT to include all children who have been forced, or have chosen, to leave their home country for any reason, and who are trying to establish a life in another country.

Develop your own storytelling project:

If you are working with children and want to develop your own project, there is now a manual explaining how to run a storytelling workshop. It is free to download here:

Get in touch

If you are a child or young person under eighteen and have a story to show or tell, please send us your material.

If you are an adult working with migrant children and young people and would like to send material produced by them, please do so. Please follow our guidelines for material used below.

Submit a Story

If you are running a similar project and have a website/Facebook page you would like to connect with ours, please send us the link via our contact page.


If you are unable to submit written or spoken material in English, please submit it in your original language and we will translate it.

All material is gathered using UNICEF guidelines for ethical reporting on children and young people.

All material is gathered on a voluntary basis with the consent of the child and, if they are under 16, their parent/guardian/carer if such a person is available.

All subjects in photographs or videos have given consent; including parental/guardian/carer consent for children.

All material is anonymised, using pseudonyms and removing identifying details, unless the child is over 16 and has specifically requested that their own name be used.

Use of materials

We are happy for you to download and/or reproduce materials from this site. Please do cite the source and the author of the picture or story. For example:

Jones, L. (2016). It’s all about love [photo flip book]. Retrieved from https:///migrantchildstorytelling.org/the-pictures

Lama, (2016) Lama’s story. Retrieved from https://migrantchildstory.org/lamas-story

Who we are

The MigrantChildStorytelling Project is supported by the Rights and Opportunities Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization based on the principles of human rights with the mission of improving the world through education, humanitarian assistance and environmental protection.

This website is constructed and administered by Lynne Jones – an aid worker, doctor and writer who has worked with migrant children in Europe and Central America since 2015, and Luke Pye – an education in emergencies professional whose work, including for the United Nations, has focused on East Africa .