Picture stories by Afghan children

Afghan children share pictures of some of the happiest and toughest moment in their lives.

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My life story, by Mia

Mia comes from Yemen. She was 9 years old and living on […]

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Maria moves to the Netherlands

Maria now lives in Holland with her family. They were relocated  from […]

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Athens, on our way to Germany: photo-story by Abou Darwich and Majd

After escaping from Syria to Turkey, travelling in a rubber boat to […]

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From Kurdistan to Greece: pictures by Idris, Cepal and Jehan

Idris, age 9, Cepal, age 12, and Jehan, age 11, all come […]

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The Journey from Syria to Greece: Pictures by Rasha and Lara

Rasha and Lara traveled from Syria to Lebanon, back to Syria and […]

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It's All About Love

Take ten Camcorders. Give them to fifty Syrian children between eight and twelve years old, living in a refugee camp in Northern Greece. Ask them to photograph what is important in their lives. Let them choose their favourite pictures and tell us why these pictures matter.

This is what the children wanted to show us...