Emma’s Picture Story

Mexico: Tijuana
April 2017

Emma is 13 and  returned to Mexico from the US more than 2 years ago. She took these pictures of her life in Tijuana in April 2017

This picture is of my school. I like the picture because of the way the eye goes in. I like my school. I don’t know why, but I am happy here. I like the classes and I get 9s and 10s and A s and B’s. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up because I like how they fight for innocent people. I have seen that in movies and on TV.

The school hall, by Emma


This is my bag- not my school one. I like it because it has Emojis and it’s my favourite colour. I use Emojis a lot. My favourites are: send me a kiss – the one with one heart; and the one with two hearts on the eyes: in love.

My bag, by Emma


This is my dog.  I have had him for 2 months. One of my friends had him but could not keep him because his landlord did not like dogs. I walk him and he greets me when I get home. I have another dog as well.


My dog, by Emma


I was in my room at home and saw a lot of birds outside just sitting there so I decided to capture them. You can see one bird is flying. We rent our house, it has a little patio. My dad works in a restaurant and my mother sells food in a cinema. I share my room  with my two brothers, it’s fine. We all get on well.

The view from my window, by Emma

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